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Tahki Jayasvast, D.O.

Lifestyle & Internal Medicine Doctor, Women’s Health



Dr Tahki is on a mission to collaborate with and empower people to become their best selves so they can live out their life dreams, experience deep love and joy, and arise with their gifts and talents to make the world a better place. As a board-certified Internal Medicine physician, she has been practicing medicine for almost two decades with a focus on prevention and women’s health.  In October 2018, she launched Dr. Tahki – Lifestyle Medicine, a private practice that builds upon the science and knowledge from her traditional medical training with her whole-hearted and unshakeable belief that a healthy and awakened body and mind are the formula for healthy living. Someone without their health has only one dream—to have their health—and someone with their health has many dreams. Her commitment is to collaborate with and steward her patients into experiencing their best health through her unique “Four Pillar” approach so they have the energy and vitality to fulfill their life calling and dreams. Tahki treasures nature, traveling, creating deep connections with people from various cultures, sharing thoughts, energy and experiences, and doing so in a spirit of loving-kindness.  When we adopt loving-kindness as our guiding principal, when we ask ourselves “what would love do,” when we arise to life’s joys and challenges with a commitment to embody loving-kindness, we can experience profound transformation, enlightenment, and the deepest of connections. 

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