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Tahirih Merkel

Entrepreneur, Educator, Grass-Roots Community Builder


Tahirih is on a mission to inspire authentic friendships as the foundation to building vibrant families and communities.  An entrepreneur, educator and grass-roots community builder, she sees herself as “a noble soul having a momentary human experience”. She believes every one of us is here to make the world a better place through engaging in ongoing learning, personal transformation and arising to serve others using our individual gifts and talents. She believes her greatest service to humanity has been homeschooling her children with the focus being on caring for people, caring for the earth and always striving to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. In her spare time Tahirih co-founded tahCha a popular community-focused tea house brand in Atlanta, GA and collaborates with neighborhood communities to develop curriculum that fosters hope and change within the family so they can take ownership over their own material and spiritual well-being. Tahirih also has years of experience in the development and execution of food retail business models that respect the symbiotic relationship with the Earth’s natural ecology. She, her husband Kris and their beautiful children have a long history of urban regenerative farming. They are avid gardeners and believe when you plant organic seeds of love they will grow into flourshing communities of abundance.

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