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Kim Douglas

Educator, Writer, Speaker


Kim believes deeply that no matter what challenges and trials we have faced, we can transform into our most noble and worthy selves when we listen with heart and soul to the songs of our spirits and focus on the process of our transformation and advancement. A published author and editor, speaker, and holistic transformation coach, Kim builds upon her 28-year career as a college professor. Kim is the author of numerous poems and essays, the memoir High Desert: A Journey of Survival and Hope, and co-author of other memoirs, including Arising with Kevin Locke and Modern Day Miracles with Rachel Smartt. She believes our words matter. Words are one of the most powerful tools to forge positive change. We can use words to remain stuck or to rewrite our life stories and discover the gems of transformation, resilience, and empowerment. We can use words to break down or recreate relationships. We can use words to remain victimized by our circumstances or to explore solutions to challenges. Words are so powerful that they can bring into existence our dreams. One of Kim’s dreams was to create a healthy and loving family and to break the cycle of violence. Though often humbled and challenged by the process, she achieved that accomplishment and treasures being the mother of four adult daughters (two bonus) and the grandmother of four active grandsons. She and her husband, David, have grown spiritually in their over thirty years together. They have climbed some steep hills and descended into some low valleys and held on to their core values of love, faith and respect, enabling them to discover and rediscover the heights, the depths, the expanses and gifts of love. 

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