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Jennifer Miller

CEO of Jenn Shui, Pilates Instructor, Wellness-Nutrition Coach


Jennifer naturally empowers others through the healing and energizing properties of movement and nutrition, and inspires creativity and balance in the home. She is a certified Pilates Instructor, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Feng Shui teacher. She most recently created her business, Jenn Shui, an infusion of the home, the heart and health. Jennifer provides tools to manifest positive, lasting change both in and out of the home. She recognizes that food is medicine and inspires others to eat more intuitively.  Jennifer helps bring awareness and purpose to our lives using intentional arrangement of our living spaces which then directly support us in creating the life of our dreams.  She believes we can find joy and purpose in all that we do through connecting to our own inner guidance system, discovering ways to live with more intention, and embracing the realm of infinite possibilities. 

Jennifer has twenty plus years experience teaching as a Pilates instructor and is a former professional ballet dancer. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters, a son, and three bonus daughters. Jennifer is a native San Diegan and resides in Poway, California with her forever-after, Jim Hewitt. They are blessed to have been brought together through faith, a little magic using “Jenn Shui” and trust in the Universe.

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