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  Gatherings for Conscious & Caring Women

Do you ever struggle to recognize the noble and worthy woman you are?

Perhaps you are raising or have raised children.  You put your heart and soul, your time and energy into this most important and often unrecognized labor of love--mothering.


Perhaps you studied and earned certificates or degrees and have invested your gifts and talents and years of your life to improving the world in your particular field of service.

Perhaps you have followed the calling to create in the areas of crafts, arts, music, writing or folk arts and have experienced the discipline and bliss of losing yourself to an artistic endeavor.


Perhaps you have devoted yourself an intimate relationship and have experienced the joy and pain, the contraction and expansion, the growth produced from loving another human being.

Perhaps a diagnosis has stopped you. You wonder what you might have done to prevent this condition and feel overwhelmed by the various options for treatment. You resist having this illness define you and open yourself to discovering its lessons and gifts. 

Even though you have achieved some levels of contentment and success, you continue to feel like you fall short, that you are not doing enough, giving enough, being who you are meant to be in the various areas of your life.  


You are hard on yourself, though you strive to lighten up and realize your value and worth.  

Sometimes you compare yourself to others, even though you rationally know comparisons don’t serve anyone.


You feel uncertain about giving voice to your own experiences, ideas and desires. But when you hold yourself back for too long, you sometimes get triggered and pent-up frustration comes out in ways you later regret.


You deeply desire to forge authentic connections but everyone is living full lives, including you. And you sometimes tend to isolate when you most need connection.

Sometimes you realize that life is passing you by and the time is now. The time is now to take a stand for your self and connect with women who seek more conscious living, who are ready to explore new choices, develop new capacities and gain insights and wisdom.     

The time is now to awaken and arise!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • Creative Writing  Workshop
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Truly transformative online creative writing workshop where women will be assisted to both develop our inherent potentialities AND contribute to the transformation of society.

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